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Whats a PBN?

Private Blog Networks or PBNs have a vilified reputation of being “black hat SEO” but this is a poor way of looking at an SEO tool still used by many just by other

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PBNs: Private Blog Network – The Crack Habit Of SEO

May 22, 2019 0

First off, lets note that PBNs are not viewed well in traditional SEO and are hunted like witches in Massachusetts in the 1600s.  They must be large to matter, having anywhere between 20 to several thousand sites. They are the …

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Creating A Private Blog Network: PBNs In 2019 For SEO

May 20, 2019 0

Options To Consider When Building A PBN First and foremost the most important aspect of your Private Blog Network is randomness.  Consider what pattern or foot print your PBN might have and avoid that commonality. Good PBNs Are Random, Start …