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Readers write: Resegregation in Buffalo

Resegregation in Buffalo The Dec. 17 cover story, “My reunion with desegregation,” was interesting. I attended Public School 80 in Buffalo, N.Y., from Grades 1 to 3 with other kids in my all-white neighborhood. When I turned 60, I celebrated by traveling back to Buffalo from my longtime home in Virginia….

As shutdown’s impact grows, pressure rises to end it

Washington With a government shutdown now 18 days old and coming into sharper focus with the end of holiday season, its impacts on Americans are spreading. An estimated 800,000 federal workers across the nation are on furlough or working without pay, uncertain when they’ll get their next paycheck and sometimes turning…

Will Trump’s State Department push religious freedom to center stage?

Washington One of the most underestimated movements in Washington today started with a man and a vacuum sweeper. It was 1999, and Robert Seiple had just been named America’s first ambassador at large for religious freedom, a position created by Congress the year before. An escort ushered him to his new…

Beneficial termites? How scientists grew to love a household pest

Termites. Just hearing the word makes most people say, “Ick!” But not Gregg Henderson. He says termites can be cute. Dr. Henderson is an entomologist, so his opinion is to be expected. But admiration for the critters is growing – at least among scientists. Termites have long been seen solely as the…